Can Amigo Loans Take Me To Court

I asked the financial services in intervene but they are unable to help me i am a pensioner and cannot afford to pay this loan. According to amigos website the guarantor needs to be a homeowner aged 18 70 who hasnt had trouble paying back bills in the past and can afford to repay the loan if the borrower can.

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can amigo loans take me to court

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Consumer complaints and reviews about amigo loans england dorset.

Can amigo loans take me to court. Some brokers charge their fee as a debit card payment before you get your loan some brokers add a commission fee to your loan and some do both. You may not be aware that amigo cannot ask the court to make an attachment of earnings against your ex. I signed for a loan as a guarantor now the loan owner has stop paying the loan and the company who issued loan has sent me a default notice and asked me to pay it off as the guarantor.

Amigo loans did not attend the court but was represented and submitted a witness statement as evidence. I am guarantor for my daughter for amigo loans she can not afford to pay the 5000 loan she took out and has gone to debt management re other debts. Although this type of bad credit loan might seem a good option for people who are looking to improve their credit file its important that you and the guarantor are fully aware of the risks involved.

If you found amigo loans through a loan broker they might have charged a commission fee for their service even if you didnt take out a loan with us. Basically i took out a 3k loan from amigo last year to pay off some rent arrears from the time i was unemployed. Is a guarantor loan right for me.

You should be aware of the cost of the debt and interest rates as these can be quite high and lead to further problems. Hi all not sure how to go about this one. Amigo are threatening me with court action now as recently lost my job and unable to pay her 150 a month repayments worried as im a registered social worker if i get taken to court.

Amigo loans now want to go to court. Hi there is there anyone whom can give me any advice about being a guarantor and the person whom i had the loan for can no longer pay i have been harassed for ages and they even ring up my old work place which i was made redundant from 17 months ago. Warrant out for my arrest for amigos loan.

The loan was paid into my guarantors account and he paid over 1k the week he received it and then another 400 some time later. The district judge advised that the evidence was heavily disputed on a point of law before adjourning the hearing so the claimants representative could take instructions. I was young and stupid excuse.

Me and my ex both got a loan 3 years ago from amigos loans totalling up to 5000 which was 198 pcm. People borrowing money from amigo loans will need a guarantor who will have to pay the loan back if the borrower defaults. I signed for a loan as a guarantor.

Amigo loans guarantor policy. This went to court and the judge closed the case as no one from amigo loans turned up. Threatening to take me to court and place a charge on my house.

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