Can They Take My Federal Refund For Student Loans

Once your bank account has a lien on it a creditor can swoop in and take money out when it receives a notice you got a hefty deposit. The government can absolutely garnish your wages or taxes if you have defaulted student loans and you dont.

More Student Loan Borrowers Are Getting Their Tax Refunds Seized

can they take my federal refund for student loans

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6 common questions about student loan defaults and tax refunds failing to stay current on your student loans means the government can seize your tax refund or wages.

Can they take my federal refund for student loans. However other creditors can put a lien on your bank account if they get a court order allowing the lien. First you must have one or more federal student loans that are in default. If your loans are still with your lender you can contact them to work out a payment plan so that your tax refunds will not be affected.

Last year my husband and i filed jointly and our entire tax refund was taken to pay off his school loan debt. Department of the treasury in a move known as a tax refund offset or treasury offset. What to do when a tax refund is seized for student loans student loan holders start this process in the fall but borrowers are often surprised when their refund is garnished.

Call 800 304 3107 and use the automated system to see if you have a tax refund offset. How do i know if my student loan will take my tax refund. But if your federal student loans are in default because you havent been making payments for several months the department of education may request that your tax refund be garnished by the us.

For direct loans this means you have been in past due status on the loan for 270 days or more. Of education they may take your tax refund to pay towards your loan balance. This year my husband is a stay at home dad and has made zero income so i will be filing taxes on my own.

If you are in default on your federal student loans which by definition means you are behind by 270 days or more the department of education can take your tax refund. My wife owes student loans will they take my refund. It is absolutely legal for the government to take your tax refund after youve defaulted on federal student loans.

If your student loans are in default and your lender has submitted them to the dept. How quickly can they garnish my wages or. They can also garnish your wages take some of your social security benefits and deny you future federal financial aid.

You may be looking forward to using a tax refund to pay down debt or stay current on bills. Your loan servicer wont just take money from your tax return automatically. Losing important income from defaulted student loans.

Only federal and state agencies can take your refund. If more money is taken from your federal income tax refund than is required to cover your defaulted debt the difference will be. Student loans can legally take your tax refund.

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